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I am a children’s author and illustrator, and this is the most motivating children’s book “Sam the Bear and his dream” is proof of this.

Becoming a children’s author and illustrator is a big dream of every illustrator. In addition, I am almost sure that every illustrator at least once in the process of working had certain thoughts. I don’t want to just draw illustrations for other people’s stories. I also want to invent and illustrate my own stories.

One day, the idea of becoming a children’s author and illustrator also visited me. So there was a story called “Sam the bear and his dream“. This story raises one of the most important topics. This is important for both children and adults. Many of us were often told in childhood that nothing will work out for us. Many of us were often told that our dreams are just fantasies and they will never come true. Some have heard this even from their closest friends or family. And after such words, we put our dreams on hold for a long time. Sometimes even gave them up. Therefore, dependence on the opinions of other people holds us back when moving towards our dream.

With the help of this story and illustrations, as a children’s author and illustrator, I wanted to teach young readers a very important thing. How not to stop believing in a dream and in yourself. I wanted to show them how to achieve goals no matter what others say.

Together with the main character, your children will learn to protect their dreams. They will believe in them. Your kids will believe in themselves if they didn’t believe in themselves before. Using the example of a Sam, your little ones will begin to listen to their hearts. And not only to other people’s words. It is important for all people, especially young children, to know that they matter. And what is more important than their thoughts and dreams is important to you.

As a children’s author and illustrator, I tried to create a book that is suitable not only for preschoolers. It can also be read by girls and boys from kindergarten, as well as first-graders.

This book with a deep moral and funny characters is one of my favorite projects. In it, I realized my dream as an author. In addition, as an illustrator, I also increased my level. I tried to use new brushes and add new textures to the illustrations, thereby adding warmth and comfort in my opinion.

If this story is close to you and you liked the book, then follow the link and download a free copy or buy a paper version of the book.

Do you need a talented and responsible illustrator? Then just contact me by email info(at) or call me at the phone number +48732842372. Under this number, I am available in such messengers as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber.

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