Freelance children’s book illustrator and review

It is very important for a freelance children’s book illustrator, to receive feedback from clients. Positive reviews motivate a freelance children’s book illustrator to work harder and better. They give you confidence in yourself and your work. One positive review can create a great mood for the whole day.

At the same time, one negative review left by a client about the work of an illustrator can be perceived as an insult. After all, many people perceive negative reviews very painfully. But I would like to remind you that everyone has their own taste and vision of beauty. We should not take everything too close to our hearts.

On the contrary, I believe that we can find useful information for our future projects in a negative review. After all, the client’s feedback shows not only the strengths of the illustrator but also his weaknesses. This means that the client and his reviews can show the illustrator what is worth working on. What should we pay attention to in order to turn the weak side into a strong one.

In addition, I would like to note that reviews form the client’s trust. Of course, first of all, when searching for a freelance children’s book illustrator, the client looks at the portfolio, but it is reviews that can often make the customer choose one or another illustrator.

We can say that the review is useful for both the client and the illustrator. Therefore, I do not hesitate to ask for feedback after each completed project. The more reviews each new client sees, the more determined and happier he will turn to me.

Reviews of my work

Since February 2019, I have been working at the UpWork platform, on which I have completed many interesting and successful projects. The success of the projects is confirmed by numerous reviews left by happy and satisfied customers. Below you will find some of the reviews left. More reviews, as well as the originals of these reviews, can be found on the UpWork platform at this link.

If you are looking for a professional and responsible performer for your project, then do not hesitate and be sure to contact me! You will enjoy working with me. Write to me by e-mail info(at) or call me by phone number +48 732 842 372 (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram).