Children’s books illustrator for hire

It often seems to us that to become a children’s books illustrator for hire, you need to be able to draw only cute pictures. But in real life, this skill alone is no longer enough. And even more so in such a competitive environment as illustrating children’s books.

Today, in order to become a children’s books illustrator for hire and, in order to have a flow of orders, an illustrator must be a general specialist.

There is an opinion that if you understand a lot, then in fact you understand nothing. And if you want to become an illustrator of children’s books, you should only draw children’s books. I don’t agree with that.

If you look around, you can see drawings everywhere. In books and magazines, games are just solid illustrations. And if you look even more closely, there are drawings on clothes and wallpaper. Do not forget about the illustrations on postcards and posters, as well as infographics on websites. And after all, all this is created by illustrators.

I think it is very useful when an illustrator can create patterns for textiles and characters for children’s games and covers for children’s books.

After all, this allows you to avoid routine. Each new order is like a challenge, a test of professional aptitude. With each new order, you learn something new, you grow. In addition, the presence of not only illustrations for children’s books in the portfolio, in my opinion, makes the illustrator competitive.

What can I offer you as an illustrator?

  1. Illustrations for children’s books
  2. Book covers
  3. Postcards
  4. Character Design
  5. Pattern design

You can find my full portfolio on Behance.

If you are looking for a professional and responsible performer for your project, and my services meet your criteria, then do not hesitate and be sure to contact me! You will enjoy working with me. Write to me by e-mail info(at) or call me by phone number +48 732 842 372 (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram).