Children`s book illustrator cost

Children’s book illustrator cost is a burning issue for many artists. Very often, illustrators, especially beginners, are afraid of to cost of their work. They think that they will scare off the client by calling too high a price. And as a result, they are guided by the budget that the client calls. Illustrators don’t even realize that they have the opportunity to negotiate a higher fee.

Every illustrator should remember that illustration is a work that must be paid for. After all, you are not only creating a product that will be used for many years. You spend your time, health, and money on the purchase of materials on its creation.

At a minimum, the cost of the illustration should cover your expenses. And of course, bring you income. In addition, art surrounds us everywhere in the media that we consume, in every book, film, advertisement, infographic, on website. So why should the one who creates this beauty create it for free?

How is the cost of an illustration formed?

First of all the number of hours spent on creating an illustration. This also includes sketches, edits, searching for ideas and references, drawing color illustrations.
Complexity and level of detail. This factor directly affects the time that an illustrator needs to spend on creating an illustration.
Urgency. This is due to the fact that the illustrator will have to work outside of work hours, postpone other projects, work on his day off. This makes the work more expensive.
The level of professionalism. Your client can assess the level by looking at the illustrator’s website or in his portfolio on other sites.
The fame of the illustrator. Popular illustrators take more money for their work.
Transfer of rights. When transferring all exclusive rights, the cost of work increases significantly.
The combination of these factors makes up the children’s book illustrator cost. In the end, I want to note once again that any work must be paid. And illustrations are no exception.

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