The children`s book illustrator portfolio​

   Creating the children’s book illustrator portfolio is one of the most important moments for an illustrator! Because Portfolio is your business card in the illustration market. With the help of a portfolio, the illustrator must show all his abilities and skills as a professional. After all, this is often the only and so necessary opportunity to express yourself among a large number of other talented children’s illustrators.

   The children’s book illustrator portfolio should be constantly updated and replenished with new projects. It is very important to replace weaker drawings with stronger ones. After all, the illustrator grows from project to project. His professionalism is also growing. You should not stop drawing 2 or 3 projects and think that all the work is done. There is always room to grow, and the process of your growth should be visible in the portfolio.

What exactly should be in the children's illustrator portfolio?

   I think the first and most important thing is the characters! First of all, children should be in the portfolio! Different genders, ages, and physiques. In addition, the portfolio should include animals, dinosaurs, fictional animals, monsters. The bigger and more diverse, the better.

   Your characters need to be drawn in different locations. It is very important to show the interaction with the background. It can be a forest, a park, a school, a space, a children’s room, an ordinary street.

   You can also make several covers for famous and favorite works. There is important advice! In the portfolio, you should draw what you like. After all, a client who likes your work will order what he sees in the portfolio.

   Below you will find examples of children’s illustrated books, in the creation of which I took part. And here you will find a more complete collection of my works – illustrations from books, covers and individual illustrations.

  Also my portfolio is on Behance.

If you liked my works and are looking for an illustrator of children’s books, then do not hesitate and be sure to contact me! You will enjoy working with me. Write to me by e-mail info(at) or call me by phone number +48 732 842 372 (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram).