Illustrator of Children's Books or Graphic Designer?

Judging by the fact that you are on this page, I draw two conclusions:

– you need either an illustrator of children’s books or a graphic designer

– you have viewed my site and you liked my work.

And regardless of whether you are a private person, a book publisher, or a magazine. Or maybe you are a company that is looking for a graphic designer for its creative goals and marketing companies. I will be happy to cooperate with you all. Just contact me in any way convenient for you and we will discuss the details. I respond to all messages and do it quickly. I will be glad to hear from you, regardless of whether you have a question, a comment or you just want to say hello to me.

Email: info(at)

Phone: +48 732 842 372

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Since February 2019, I have also been working at the UpWork platform, on which I have completed many interesting and successful projects. The success of the projects is confirmed by numerous reviews left by happy and satisfied customers.

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